Peadar O’Guilin – Read Like a Girl Event

Sometimes a single Tweet is all it takes.

When the St Rita’s College Library contacted international best-selling Young Adult author Peadar O’Guilin on Twitter, they never imagined he would end up in their Clayfield library.

One Tweet, some emails, a couple of months, a few plane trips and more than 20,000km travelled later, the Irish author today presented to more than 100 students and staff from St Rita’s College, Mount Alvernia College and St John Fisher College.

In Australia to promote his book “The Call” which O’Guilin describes as a ‘Harry Potter where everyone dies,’ he immersed his audience in a world of Irish mythology and evil fairies.

“Our girls just can’t get enough of his book, our five copies are constantly being borrowed and there is always waiting list,” St Rita’s College Head of Library, Kathryn Schravemade said.

“We saw he was going to be in Brisbane and thought why not ask if he’d like to visit us and be part of our Read Like a Girl program.”

A self-confessed ‘panster- someone who flies by the seat of their pants while writing’, O’Guilin offered advice to budding young writers about story telling.

“In me is an urge to tell stories,” he said.

“I’m constantly getting stuck and trying to figure out how to get unstuck. My best piece of information if you’re a ‘panster’ is to get your character into an impossible situation, and then make that impossible situation infinitely impossible! That way you’ll always keep your audience guessing, because even you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“There are so many ways to write a book, and all are correct. Your real job as a writer is to have lots of people will interpret, read and imagine differently, and know they’re all having a good time.”

The visit from O’Guilin was the first unofficial event in the College’s new Read Like a Girl program which will be launched next week.  Read like a Girl is a unique community partnership for the literacy advancement and learning of girls.  St Rita’s College has joined with Mt Alvernia College and Riverbend Books to present the project.

The 2017 Launch event for Read Like a Girl will be held at St Rita’s College on Tuesday 7 March from 6:00pm featuring Young Adult author Kate McCaffrey, who is based in Perth.

She will be in conversation with St Rita’s College Principal, Mrs Dale Morrow, speaking openly on the often controversial topics of social media and teenagers navigating life in the digital world.

Tickets at

#BookSnap – The War That Saved My Life

A cross between ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Migorian and ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio, ‘The War that Saved My Life’ is a must for all lovers of historical fiction.

Physically disabled and under the cruel watch of her mother, nine year-old Ava has never left her London apartment, living instead through the adventures of her younger brother Jamie.  When Hitler threatens to invade London and children are being sent to live in the countryside, Ava must decide if she’ll obey her mother and stay in the city, of flee to safety with her younger brother.

The story of Ava will tug at your heart strings as she is forced to make decisions that go against everything she has ever been told.

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley’s novel will make you question how your actions affect those around you as she takes you back to the struggles faced by many children in World War II.